Integrated Cross Border Wealth Management to serve you and your family's needs

We Are Portage

We Are Portage

What if you could manage all of your wealth from one place?

If you’ve ever had to transfer from the U.S. to Canada or manage wealth in both nations simultaneously, you know that the border can be one of the biggest complications between you and your wealth goals.

We have seen time and again how difficult these situations can become, and also how valuable it can be to have integrated wealth. That’s why we have sought to perfect the process within one of the few firms licensed to offer cross-border wealth management. Today, we are recognized as being one of North America’s leading cross-border financial specialists.


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Dynamic thinking makes a difference

If you find yourself with multiple competing objectives, if your life takes you across the border and into legislative issues, or if you are approaching retirement without a clear plan, as someone facing complex financial challenges, what you need most are to get the right answers at the right time.

Introducing clarity

In other words, what you need is insight - the insight to focus on what's important to ensure you get what is right for you to be on the right path. Over the years, we have developed our capacity to see what others do not, as we gain experience and a respected status in the industry. We use this level of insight to bring clarity to our clients' wealth.

Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.
Warren Buffett