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Canadians Moving to the U.S.

Whether one moves for a new job or business opportunity, to be with family or as snowbirds looking to enjoy sunnier weather, most underestimate the complexities associated with moving to the United States from Canada.

While our cultures are very similar, our legal, tax, investment and compliance regimes are considerably different. While our phones may work in both countries and we often watch the same TV shows, our key institutions rarely seem to talk to each other.

Canadians often find themselves caught in a web of complexity as they navigate confusing immigration regulations, new taxation, investment structures, health care networks and a financial system that treats them as a stranger.

Even conducting basic financial transactions such as Canadians buying or selling US real estate requires careful planning and expert advice.

We can help you make a smooth transition to the US by creating a tailored and comprehensive cross-border financial plan, and then continue working with you while you are in the States.