Thoughtfully managing a windfall

Athletes & Entertainers

Professional athletes often move across borders based on team trades, and both athletes and entertainers follow growth opportunities to apply their unique skills. In many cases, they find themselves being “orphaned” by their existing financial advisors. Either the advisor is not able to follow the client to their new jurisdiction, or they cannot address the cross-border complexity that now entangles them.

Transferring and managing assets, taxation and other financial considerations can be a time-consuming ordeal – and precisely when as the professional ought to be focusing on their game and their audience.

Moreover, these groups are somewhat unique in that they can create a substantial amount of assets in a short period of time. Crafting a proper lifetime income plan to support and sustain your lifestyle requires careful and detailed planning. The same discipline that made you successful, if properly coached and applied to your financial plan, can keep you successful.

Working with an experienced financial partner that is operational in both Canada and the US ensures that your game plan and long-term future are coordinated and seamless.